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MAHB Sets Priority For Passengers' Safety, Fast Breakdown Recovery
September 05, 2017 19:52 PM
PUTRAJAYA,Sept 5 (Bernama) --Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd hasseta priority toalways ensure passengers' safety and getting them to the boarding gates or arrival hall on time in the event of an aerotrain breakdown, said its managing director DatukBadlishamGhazali.

"As mechanical problems are inevitable in any operational environment, our SOP (standard operating procedure) is meant to ensure that passengers on board a halted train will be transported to the stationas quickly as possible, whether to the gates or arrival hall," he said in a statement today.

In thewake of reports that a group of passengers had walked along thetrain track following an aerotrainbreakdown at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) yesterday,Badlisham said they were veryconcerned that some passengers had ignored the safety announcements on the aerotrain for them to remain on board andinstead they prised openthe door to disembark midway.

He stressed that the recovery SOP would have ensured that the passengers were properly evacuated and escorted to the station if necessary, as thishad been done during past breakdowns.

"We would like to remind passengers to observe the announcements and instructions on board the train during a breakdown, for their own safety and convenience," he said.

"We have efficient recovery plans in place. A standby technical officer is available to manually drive the train to the station. There is also a second train as well as 10 shuttle buses ready to transport passengers during a breakdown," he stressed.

He said as passenger numbers at KLIAhad been increasing, MAHBhadalso activated full-time shuttle bus services as another mode of people mover between the main terminal and satellite building to augment the aerotrain services.

"The shuttle bus service is available 24 hours daily and takes only fiveminutes to get across," he said.


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