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Xpress Air Makes LTAM As Transit Point For Umrah Flights
December 23, 2017 23:01 PM
MELAKA, Dec 23 (Bernama) -- An Indonesian airline, Xpress Air has chosen Melaka International Airport (LTAM) in Batu Berendam as a special transit point for pilgrims leaving for the holy land.

Melaka Transport and Project RehabilitationandInternational Committee chairman Datuk Lim Ban Hong today said a Boeing 737-300plane from Palembang, Indonesia hadlanded at LTAMhere today.

He said the planecarrying 126 pilgrims on theirway to perform umrahused LTAMas transitbefore departing for Makkah.

"Xpress Air is planning to use LTAM transit to carry passengers from Palembangfour times a month starting next year.

"I understandthat Xpress Air haschosen LTAMtransitnot only for passengers from Palembangbut also fromJambi, Padang and Pekanbaru," he told reporters here today.

Meanwhile, Xpress Air's commercial director, Swandono Poernomosaidthis wasthe airline's first special umrah flight and they had chosenLTAM as transitbecause apart from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, LTAMhadgreat potential.

"There is tremendousopportunity in theumrah industry as the number of passengers increases every year," he said adding that passengers were always looking for alternatives and LTAMwas found to be a suitable transit point.


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